Small businesses need to strategize time as much as budget. In the next post, I take only a few minutes of your time to focus on the most useful item for small business marketing using social media.

Inc. just released the top tech marketing trends small business should incorporate in 2019. They include thinking about your content from a voice search perspective, selling products through social media, helping employees pay off student loan debt, offering customers financing – all interesting and exciting propositions. However, the one that you can harness right now is using Facebook messenger as a marketing tool. 

Here are some natural reasons to tap into it:

1.) Facebook has been rocked by scandal, but Facebook Messenger is not fully sharing in the trust breach, while still carrying a massive 1.3 billion monthly user base.

2.) Messenger is not as competitive. In a less crowded field, a business can engage customers in valuable ways or even sell items. Also see first mover’s advantage, AKA FMA. It’s self-explanatory, but Neil Patel explains how SEO, Facebook groups and Twitter first movers are good indicators. 

3.) Bringing customers lifetime value is big with me, so this is extremely relevant to any business I have worked with: You can respond to customer service issues in less than a minute. Whether they want to or not, service providers are regularly either earning or losing brand trust, so this is critical.  

There are some potential drawbacks for small business, so be careful. If done correctly, Messenger marketing can engage customers in a conversation by bringing them value. If done incorrectly, they can have the feel of an ad in the middle of a phone call. So, be smart: this is permission marketing, not a disruptor. 


To give this some context, let’s see what Forbes prescribed two years ago: 

Here are five tips from Forbes for marketing your small business:

1) Blog on your expertise

2) Start with mobile

3) Make Social Media personal

4) Live consumers watch live video

5) Don’t underestimate E-mail marketing.


In hindsight, they were right on all counts. Moreover, #1, 2 and 5 are just as foundational today, two years later. 

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