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DIY Marketing Tips for Owners, Managers and Entrepreneurs

You definitely know exactly what your business does. But anecdotally, far too few can communicate why their business can solve a problem better than a competitor. Not in a few minutes, anyway. This is one of the problems Patrick McGilvray of The Brand Sketch focuses on for independent entrepreneurs.

Even though I know the X’s and O’s of marketing and branding, I always need coaching on my own company. As a business owner and entrepreneur, just like you, I’m too close to it. My vision can be cluttered by emotion. I have linked business marketing with sales strategy (See Learn DIY SEO series) for multi-billion dollar brands. It’s just different when it’s me.

That’s why I seek guidance from Patrick and those like him. He did not let me down in this episode of his podcast: Better Marketing in 5 Not-So-Easy-Steps (Listen Here:  So I’ll share the gist with any entrepreneur out there, as it is solid advice you may not hear articulated quite this way.

Tell a story that matches your audience’s story, McGilvray says.


So simple, but so elusive — first, you have to know your audience. That requires it’s own discipline and we’ll talk about how to use an avatar maker in another post (see avatar definition).

I’ll let you unpack his take in the podcast; I’ll give my example here of why that is really good advice. I’ll even use my brand.


In more than a decade of agency work, I have worked on quite a few campaigns for small business marketing. I discovered that for marketing and PR there was a real need for someone who could provide better service — so they could afford it, so it was effective — but all this, so they could compete with corporate interests who aren’t pumping blood into the community as a local business could. So, generally, there’s an avatar: owners, managers, entrepreneurs.

So what is my company about? Yes, it’s about what we do. But that doesn’t quite identify with people unless they have the need to build a WordPress website for a reasonable price right now.

Underlying what we do and how we do it — is why we do it. We do it for the shops who fuel communities. And on that point of passion is the match with our customers and future clients.

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