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Brand Strategy


International Restaurant Chain, 2009

THE CHALLENGES the client wanted to solve included the need for a video featuring the accomplishments of an owner/operator for an award presentation. They wanted a narrative told by family and community leaders and incorporating photographs. The production would also have to meet its corporate brand standards. 


We worked with McDonald’s regional agency of record to coordinate a plan for a 7-day deadline. Our team had a background in covering breaking news, so we had no trouble organizing, shooting, script-writing and editing quickly. We also intermittently communicated with our corporate clients to be sure the script was up to standard before the final edit.

The solution


“McDonald’s … loves the video.” – Fahlgren Agency representative. 

The video was approved by McDonald’s, and formatted according to the needs of the 2010 event. Within a month of the project’s inception, a nearly 5-minute story celebrating the accomplishments of Mrs. Cynthia Booth was shown before hundreds. 



Technology Startup Incubator, 2016

THE CHALLENGES the client faced were heightened as it prepared for a huge event. They wanted to increase membership through a website re-design.* They wanted a headline to communicate their purpose and value to facilitate further conversation…  

*Website UX/UI re-design by eMedia Design Co. Positioning and Messaging led by Michael Altman (founder of IMDM).


…Cintrifuse asked that our solutions increase public awareness and their brand position in the technology incubator market. Further, they needed a brand story that further brought the stated purpose to life and could be understood by most people who interacted with them rather than just tech community jargon.

*Website UX/UI re-design by eMedia Design Co. Positioning and Messaging led by Michael Altman (founder of IMDM).



Our solutions resulted in a heightened User Interface/User Experience through web design* and Cintrifuse’s new understandable messaging copy. The combination of words and design intuitively leads any of the three main customers (investors, BigCos and tech startups) through deeper customer engagement and to the appropriate calls to action…  



…As a basis for all marketing, Cintrifuse received a brand story that was coherent to all and could be told consistently by anyone. Finally, they had new messaging, led by the headline “Where doers, dreamers, and disruptors connect,” communicating the Cintrifuse purpose and value to facilitate the user taking an action. The headline continues to facilitate engagement in 2019 and they have increased membership as a result. 




Natural Food Broker, Grocery Sales & Marketing, 2017

THE CHALLENGES facing this 100-year-old employee-owned company began with the fact that they had become tough to explain. ‘Sales and Marketing’ didn’t say what they did, and a list of services was uninspiring.


HARLOW HRK is an ESOP (employee-owned). They hustle, know brands, know their customers. They needed the first thing people saw on their new website to express their value and essence. Brand positioning would reveal these truths, the brand’s persona, tone and capture the promise it made to customers in all that it does. 




Our solutions began with brand positioning based SWOT analysis as well as internal and external stakeholders. We captured the brand story, tone of voice and brand persona, typified by the brand promise. It was presented to the organization for final approval and would be used to inform brand mark and digital design.


When the C-Suite was presented with the final tagline, there was literally a celebration. Finally, a short phrase to facilitates sales and recruiting conversations. Harlow HRK was acquired by Impact Sales Group in 2018, making them part of the 7th biggest food broker in the U.S. Impact absorbed the branding and the “Elevate Remarkable Brands” tagline continues leading their marketing in 2019.